Orientation Dinner

haha we'll start this blog with the things i've found =)
well i love to collect road signs
so this is my road sign i got when i was 16

haha a bit of modifications to it
today i managed to get another wan =)
lol i didn't steal!
haha in my room...
not allowed to be faster than 35km/j..
imagine sex at 35km/j lol!!! hahaha
okok back to the main point...
today is orientation dinner
well all the mass com, hotel management, culinary arts, events management and architecture students that came in in the march/april intake supposed to come
and ah...u know la...party crashers =)
just like wai chun came as well hahaha xD
anyway it started at 6...
and the theme for it is PINK as they are helping the breast cancer thingi
reached there at 7...haha u know la malaysian timing
alright i'm gonna give u guys a warning 1st
i camwhored like hell today hahaha
my 1st pic of the day
Me and Huey Li
Olivia and me
hehe and here comes Sherry
she was an usher
selling roses for charity =)
i'm so sorry kay babe? i'll get u your rose soon =S
didn't have the heart to get a lousy rose from there =/
well u know la..
ur taste and expectations veri high wan haha
anyways so continueing wif camwhoring..
next up we have...

Evonny =D

Chin Chung (i think this is like the ony guy pic here =S)

Classmate Eunice
party crasher!! lol
okays anyway i found out interesting news
i mean its like such a long time since i saw her..
and since she left taylors for sunway..
barely see her
so anyways i went up to the 7th floor
and found her there =D
7th floor is the pool, snooker and foos area =)
anyways so we played pool haha
i suck though..
Major in foosball...minor in pool
anyways soon after that i went downstairs again
as Geralyn had came =)

my twin Samantha =D
similarities between us :



mah babe Eunice
the outspoken girl=)
u'll understand if u know her

Geralyn =D

this is one of the band's lead singer
and u find out he is a guy wearing a spaghetti strap
really copy vanila sky with the song umbrella
and the worst part is...
i wonder who will even wear that top after he wore it lol
dam disgusting lol
anyways so the quest for camwhoring continued

and i ended up with Sherry again =)

the emcee for the day

lol this is the stage
Me and Celynn
the Girls
Samantha and Geralyn
Geralyn booo boooo xD
Geralyn, Chung, Samantha

after some time standing
we decided to sit at the shops near the area
and suddenly one guy started singing donno wat chinese love song on stage
and this is the effects on this 2 lovebirds lol
=.= lol
Celine's heel straps went kaboom =S
sad case
Jessica is spirited away
cam whorers
and we decided to have a couple of gay shots


lala xD

okay that concludes the gay shots haha

and this is my 1st pic wif Jess

she is just so cameraphobic lol

puffy cheeks

Mon Wei came along
so i took a pic with her =D hehe
miss u babe

outside seven eleven =)

lol u can see one drunkard there =D


peace =)

Bus Company
the Battle of bands winner came to perform
lol can see darren syokly over there on the drums

too much smoke =S hahaha

they use ninjutsu~ lol

Bus Company

and again =)
me and olivia again =)
well after the whole thing was over
some of us went to Asia Cafe for a drink
as we were totally exhausted

Ching, Chun, Chew

hahaha anyways went back not late after that

and now i finally can get my rest =)



Swee said…
omggg, so many pictures!!! and i don't even have one with you!...ah bugger....sheesh, summore asking me why was i there...hehe, lawak man you
天使 said…
i saw me...
and thank god u din spell wrong my name...