official 3rd week

todays the day that is makes my official 3rd week in college =)
well we had geography class today...
u know how the lecturer comes late everytime...
and also his lectures ain't that interesting
the way he presents it is quite lame and boring =S
old ppl haha...
and this is my 1st pic of the day =D
Evon and Me
Me and Eunice
Mervyn and Jay
and i got bored...his lectures really are boring =S
and i dont know how Eunice concentrates =S
i donno does dis mean I love you or rock you =S haha
this is how bored i am =S
back row seats
and she smile
she tongues =D
and kissy lips =)

well after that went downstairs for a short break
get some food as i was starved =X
and i had a big question in my mind...
how did dis bloody kelisa's park like that =.=
no space to even get out lol
anyway went back for my food and beverage lecture
but i do enjoy this class cos he makes it interesting =)
this is Mr Alex =)
he makes class enjoyable and interesting =)
lol but he still comments bout my hair being to highly put up lol

anyway after class...went for lunch =)
fried kuay teow =S
Mr Alex wuz talking so much bout fried kuay teow
and my cravings for it builded up
so i had to eat it lol
Chin Chung with his "not so bad la the kuay teow here"
after lunch went to the library...
i wonder how i spent like 2 hours doing nuts over there lol
cos my assignments are done so i didn't need to do anything
just temaning ppl

this is Mervyn xD Evonny =)
Smell mah Armpits lawl =D
Me and Huey Li
Computer time =)
Kissy Lips lol
and my last pic for the day

well i went back not long after that

and i straight fell asleep as wuz veri tired

and now i'm jus so nutty as i can't sleep anymore! haha