my Friday and Saturday =S


today it started up by going to college at 8+
well i didn't hav class till 11
but then met up wif my culinary group for the assignment
well we're doing bout Malaysian and Indonesian famous cuisine
so as we did...i wanted to brighten up our powerpoint so we started taking photos =)

the 2 babes in the group
Me and Geralyn
-touch my body *lol*-
me and celine
chung and me

well it reached 10.45...
and had ICT class
as usual the ICT class is packed so we have to rush
but ended up....

camwhoring at the library again lol
the whole group =)

anyways after ICT class,
decided to eat with my other classmates at B2 cafe

Guess who=)

Chia Chia and Jianjian

my curry mee =S

lol this looks wrong

the tissue girl =)

Eunice and Chia Chia

my baking partner =)
me and Eunice
Yen Wei *candid*

after lunch we went to the library to finish up the assignment =)
and we did finish it hahaha xD so happy lol

Chia Chia

My Architecture Hunny Bunn...Shibididooo lol =)
the pics we used for our assignment
ice kacang?
nasi lemak
and eventually i camwhored with Celes and Yen Wei =)

and went back home soon after that


today it started out with coaching a new school

SMK Sinar Bintang

i tell u the roads there are so confusing

zzzz got lost for nuts lol

anyways the ppl there mostly chinese educated...

so i'm gonna suffer as i am semi banana =S

well 1st cheer prac for em

went okay okay la

after that i went with Rach to Plaza Damas for lunch
ate at Kim Gary...well there is new types of cheese baked rice

so i had to try! lol

abalone and unagi cheese baked rice octopus

anyway soon after that i walked pass a pet shop

and i found the most adorable creatures ever!

and i bought 2 of em lol

guess what? xD










newts!! lol

and for no reason they look so sweet together

So i named them Jeremy and Melisa =) hahahaha

-no offence yah guys?- xD

They are orange at the bottom =)

anyway after i dropped rachel back...i finally got to go home =)

and rest lol

as i reached back

i was really pissed as i had a dance audition at nite

and the song i mixed went bonkers and jialated T.T

so in the end i had to do it all over again

and in the mean time

new way of camwhoring


okays so anyway after that i soon went to church for service
and after service i went for the dance audition
well what do u expect for someone who didn't even practise till today haha
well i forgot a few steps here and there
and i had bruises on my arm as i did a back rollover freeze push up handstand
(lol if u understand)
and my back ached a bit cos i did a elbow front walkover
so in the end ah...u know la...i ended up suffering
i went for CG not long after the audition
and wuz totally fidgeting with my body as it was super uncomfortable with the aches
CG was soon over
and we went to Kota Kemuning to eat supper at NTS

my exhausted face


anyways so after that i reached home..

Jo Ling sent me back...haha her driving is scary...

especially when her mom called when she was driving hahaha!!!

anyway i reached back safe

and now i am gonna take a long sleep