lighters, tickets, babys condition

well its been a damn long time since i've updated
well this is so jacunz...
me, bel and alex were so jakunz on gettin this lighter haha =S
its a limited edition from dunhil...
nicer than the older limited edition cos of the patterns
and i love it hahaha
okays anyways today on thursday morning
i got a really noisy wake up call...
those city-link express ppl really dont know how to ring the doorbell
well i've got a letter that was sent through them
so i had to climb out of my bed and get the letter
my eyes were so blur i couldn't even read my name on the letter and it took me some time to figure out where to do my signature thingi =S lol ...thats how blur i was

this is the reason i woke up =.=

credit card charges =.=

the tickets

tickets to beauty and the beast musical =D

well its going on around dont miss it! =)

CIMB credit card holders get a discount yah ...

go if u want to get tix for this musical =D

anyways today was pretty normal as i went to my aunts place to help out paint the house

and in the night i went off to AC to find Ernest...

well that bugger comes back as much as possible from ns...

hahaha he just cant tahan ns lol =3

well the saddening part about today nite baby got a high fever

sent her to the doc and got medications...

and u know la...24 hour docs are exp =.= kiam siap subang jaya doctors

so now all i can do is pray and wait for a swift recovery



肥肥公主 said…
how is ah mei...send my regards to her okay?