Butter Cake

well today is the day i officially start class at college =)
so my 1st class was pastry class
i tot Chef Shaari would teach us about the utensils and stuff
but instead he asked us to bake a butter cake =D
so we had to team up in pairs...
and i had Chia Chia as my partner=) she is great!
Jianjian and Chia Chia lawl!!!!
i remember for the base of the cake is
200g flour
200g sugar
400g butter
1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence
1/2 tea spoon baking flour
4 eggs
and some lemon shavings
so mixing and tossing around all the ingredients and finally setting it in the pan..
while the base was baking...we had to get the icing for the cake done
again we used...
160g sugar
0.06 litres of water
1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence
1 egg
1 egg yolk
i mean...160 grams of sugar weih!! dam sweet hahaha some more it dissolved in the water until like super saturated adi
anyway left it in the fridge for it to cool down
the cake came out great
then we took out the icing and splattered it all over the cake =)
super sweet weih!! for sweet tooths like me =)
well i'm pretty contented as my cake came out fine...
and the icing is in good texture..
well we shared our icing wif joshua's group as their icing didn't work out
hehe sharing is caring! yeah =)
the end product =)
well no matter how it looks...its simply delish! =)
so we cut our cake into half and we took a piece each =D
ur an awesome baker Chia Chia =)
i can't wait for our next class!!
which is in 2 weeks time..
our schedule is weird =X...who cares? lol
after our baking we had ICT class
and Mr Vijayan wuz like...
okay...this week we are not gonna do anything
next week would be the briefing for the ICT class...
then we all like ...err okay...
then he started saying...
alrite now is the time...exchange your msn, facebook, friendster whatsoever with others...lol!!
veri swt la he haha =D
but he let us leave class early =) so i'm happy hehe =D
anyways thats my day at college