Audrey won an ipod

Today at Acts Church wuz the Teenacity Revolution Party
well i know i'm a bit old to go for dis kinda things
but have to help my sister teman the friends
well so it started at 7 +
but i came at 7.30 ++ haha
anyways so there were so on so on la
i met Yi Wei and Charlotte
its like super long since i've met them
me and Yi Wei mei mei=)
then soon came praise and worship
well i can say that the P&W can be much better actually if they practised more
*no offence though*
and there was a good sermon by Pastor Kenneth Chin
anyways my sister Audrey
won an ipod because she managed to bring the most number of friends
15 friends
ipod nano 4 gig...
well i should get an itouch to pinn her down hahaha =)

her ipod nano
anyway thats the end of the day