1st day of college

todays the day i finally entered Taylors PJ
well woke up in the morning really early
and ony had bout 2 hours of sleep
haha u know i cant get back to the normal time
anyways so wai chun fetched me up about 7.30 to go there
now i realize that there is a huge jam at TCPJ every morning
anyways so we went to the food stall areas and met Shibi there =)
wai chun's other friends all waiting for their class and so on
well my orientation ony started at 9 so i chilled out with Vincent coz his class is at 10am...
anyways so when it reached nearly 9...
went off to the hall to go for orientation
got a bag...shirt...booklet and stuff la
and the best part is...they didn't do my student ID...
smart wei they all
but i'm so happy...as Eunice is in my class =)
i'm not alone!!hahaha
anyways orientation wuz kinda boring as they jus blabbed and blabbed
after sometime it wuz lunch time
i ordered a fried kuay teow and it took like 40 minutes to come
wat the heck wei...such bad service
after lunch orientation continued..
and we had a tour on the campus...checking out everything la =)
it soon reached about 4 pm...
so we went back to the hall to get our measurements done
i'm gonna get a chefs jacket, vest, pants, shirt, and shoes...
so all measurements were done then la
orientation for the day is over
so me and Eunice chilled here and there...
met up with Alfred...and we went to play pool =)
i totally love the table there
its super nice =)
and Alfred belanja..TY ALFRED!! =D
anyways Eunice went back while we were playing as her dad came
after that we had a game of foos...
and decided to go our own ways
took a ktm back...wow...ages since i actually used the ktm...haha
and back here i am at my place again
so tired as i ony had 2 hours of sleep...
and now i'm gonna crash and black out =D
nite nite