Tagged by ziyin...i feel so lame =S

001.Real name:Samuel Chew Jianjian
002.Nickname: Seraph, Sam, crazy cheerleader =S
003. Married: Nope
005.Male or female: i've got a batang okay? =)
007.High school: SMK SS 17
008.College: going to Taylors Bali in April
010.Short or long hair: err....in between?
015.Are you a healthy freak:errr depends lol
016.Height : less than 180 cm thats all i know
017.Do you have a crush on someone: haha BoA lolxz
018.Do you like yourself : of course
019.Piercings: 2 on left ear
021.Righty or lefty: Righty


022.Surgery: None
023.Piercing: form 2
024.Person you see in the morning: myself in the mirror =/
025.Award: 7 years old..
026.Sport you join : badminton
027.Pet: Dog, Fish, Rabbit, Guinea pig =S quite a lot rite? haha
028.Vacation: Maldives island...i was still in diapers
029.Concert : i can't recall
030.First crush : Audrey Tan...(well now u know ^^)


049.Eating : donuts
050.Drinking: water
052.I'm about to : go to parade and buy Jeans

Your Future*

058.Want kids: 1 daugther and 1 son (hopefully)
059.Want to get married: Yeapz.
060.Careers in mind: Hotel management

Which one is better*

068.Lips or eyes:Lips
069.Hugs or kisses:Hugs
070.Shorter or taller:Taller
072.Romantic or spontaneous: Romantic
074.Sensitive or loud: Loud
075.Trouble maker or hesitant:Trouble maker

Have you ever*

078.Kissed a stranger: nopes
079.Drank bubbles: what is bubbles?
080.Lost glasses/contacts: my eyes are perfect..i dont need them =)
081.Ran away from home: yeapz..when i was standard 3
082.Liked someone younger: yeapz
083.Liked someone older: yeapz
084.Broken someone's heart: yeah
085.Been arrested : nope
087.Cried when someone died : of course la
088.Liked a friend: yeah...

Do you believe in*

090.Miracles: yeapz...and i hope i'll get a car soon =)
092.Heaven: yea
093.Santa Claus: he is too fat to be believed =S
095.Magics: not really
096.Angels: yeapz

Answer Truthfully*

097.Is there one person you want to be right now: yea...Cecilia
099.Do you believe n God: yup
100.Tag 5 people:

Kooi Chin
Audrey Chew
Hsien Ming