a romantic drama? lolxz

1st MARCH 2008
well after church today
i realized i had no CG...so i just went for dinner with my CG members
Kim Garys...i didn't eat there since i kena dengue over there last year hahaha
anyway so after dinner i went to join Serene and Henna
man its really long since i've seen them
miss them so much T.T
they were at old town white coffee...so joined them as Serene wuz eating dinner
after dinner we still had about 1 hour left before step up 2 started
and it was about quite late at nite as we were going for a mid night movie
so in the end we went to chill at Pyramid Hotel Lobby
and we had our fun with our cameras hahaha
Me and Serene
-Henna and Serene-
anyway then Henna had a veri briliant idea
she wanted to make like a Romantic drama-scene thing with camera shots..
as usual...she wont want to be the star lolxz...
so its left me and Serene..
the photographer xD
in deep need of eye liner *lol*
i wanted to kill her xDHMPH!!
-Henna wanted a so called wedding photo shoot-
anyways so this is how it goes...
2 strangers sitting opposite sides getting to know each other
ah..u figure it out by the pics la =)

-hands crossed each other-

-talking things out-
-as i look into her eyes-


lolxz this was all henna's idea lolxz
anyway in the making of this so called drama..
no humans were harmed in the filming of this drama....
no kisses were used and no emotions flew in this drama...hahaha

anyways so we went to the cinema to watch step up 2
man it was the bomb!
for dance lovers u'll know that their techniques are good
i highly recommend =)
anyways it ended about 1+
and we went back home...
-the end-


D-Angel said…
yea yea STEP UP 2 totally rocks!!! btw, c u in this coming c3. hee..
the photos were hot...*heating*
Serene told me about it and i tot it was nothing until i saw the pics...
not bad yea...good job henna!