Primary School Reunion

15th MARCH 2008
Primary School Reunion was today
well of course...not all will turn up...
i think its about 1/3 ony that turned up =S
EVERYONE has changed..
but at least i ony forgotten one =X
sorry Amy xD
okok this are the *dulu-dulu* pictures
well i'm lazy to scan so bare with the quality =)

Adrian, Kaj, Aaron
Brandon, Me, Shaun
Me & Aaron
Azree, AIMAN, Aaron, Kaj, Amir

okok i'm getting lazy to find all the rest lolxz...
anyways it was raining at that time and we were supposed to hav it at the park
so Dian and Beatrice suggested my place
so everyone met up at my place and chilled and got back on old times haha
about 8 pm...the rain had some suggested to go to the park
as i have dogs...the malays dont feel comfortable..
well its a reunion so we didn't mind la
we got all sploshy over there
what do you expect? its a park and it jus rained haha
anyways everyone started to eat and stuff la =)
Me and Dian
Dee Dee =)
lol the makan scene
butts =)
Me and Pik Ngan
Akmal! *his target is 60kg*
Mun Mun
Brandon!! my 3 days younger bro haha
Beatrice, Amy, Dian
Amir, Adrian, AIMAN *look at how much he changed*, Azree
*if ony she wore a skirt*
Mun Mun and me
she is tall for once =) hehe
Azree the dancer =)
Tessie...Test her! haha

half way during the makan...some people wanted to pee
hahaha and u know there ain't any public toilets near the park
so went back to my place again to PEE
crammed 8 people into Aarons car hahaha
we've been doing this since we were in diapers lol =)

well we went back to the park after our BUSINESS
we started to play games after that
group photo =)
we started with the 3 legged race

then with the untangle urself game thingi
and here it goes=)
my group
and again
in the process
disaster =X but still they won lol
and the happy faces after the games =) lol
Beatrice =) my baby-hood friend
Bryan, Aiman, Me
my gosh i still cant believe Aiman lost so much weight
Dee Dee =)
and wei wen came along too...well she is not from our skewl
but who cares...timmys gf is always welcomed here haha
Guess who? lol
Dee Dee
and we played charades xD
well my team owned =)
too much brains ...but still wore off in the end lol
its damn funny especially when Agil couldn't act out Karmasutra....
he didn't do the actions so his team got it all wrong hahaha
man it was good =)
Amir, Beatrice, Me
i've got the power =)
foot fettish
after cleaning up
some went back...and some of us...
went to Mcd's
just to chill =)
Sam, Mun
omg they ony gave half a slice of cheese!!!...
what the heck?
this is like so kiam siap!!!
i wanna complain!!
anyways so we went back home after that...
they squished like 7 people into aarons car hahaha
and i followed Amir and Aiman
so spacious lol =)
well thats the end of the day


Jia Sheen said…
wow...aiman and amir...definitely look different. in a good way. hahaha