papercuts and haircuts =S

today as i was sorting out my books and files...
i got a paper cut on my pinky..


it wuz really deep and the blood kept on flowing...shucks...

the stupid papercut =S

anyways at about 12 pm i went out with chun

we both went to cut hair


as u all know my hair is veri thick wan lol =)

my hair before the cut

wai chun drivin =S
lol i should not take his pic when he drives=S

anyway we went to the saloon he always goes to at usj 6

well he went there for 2 years adi
so i also followed ony la =)

snip snip

and this is the new me =)
is this or the old one better? xD
in the car again =)
wai chun =S...

actually he jus trimmed his hair =S

anyway as i went back..rested a while...and at 4...
my mom came back...
she bought me a sugar glider!!
its super cute XD
but a veri emo-ed one...
jus like me! XD

well i havent named it yet...

any suggestions?

so after that i rushed to Klang...

pick up Baby...

rushed back to Usj for Jo Ling and Jun Kang

and went to church...

the easter service wuz fantastic

the drama wuz really good

so after the service well i had to send Baby and Jun Kang to BB Gym

cos they hav to go cineleisure after that

i saw the thailand team that would be performing tomoro

my gosh they are all guys...

and their stunts are damn keng...

i'm so intimidated T.T

anyways i went with Jo Ling to Asia Cafe for dinner

had quite a heavy dinner as i ate a lot haha

sent her home...

and i decided to chilled at her house while waiting for the time to pass by

rushed to cineleisure after that to pick up Baby and Rachel..

and had my 2nd dinner hahaha =S

now i'm back after sending them back

i've used like a quarter tank of petrol today

omg =S

and i'm so damn tired

wanna sleep



肥肥公主 said…
the new look better lar~