My typical Saturday

8th March 2008
today i woke up like super early...
6.45 am...
proves i can wake up! lolxz
anyways so Jeremy picked me up to go to SMK Sri Damansara
*if i'm not mistaken*
well theres a new cheer team there
so Jeremy had to do his job haha
anyways it was super they were really new to it
so i can c jeremy's gonna suffer soon xD
after coaching
went to 1 utama
Jeremy hunted for a new wallet..
and he bought a pierre cardin at Jusco
so we went to hav lunch after that...
as he was transferring his stuff from the old one to the new
i realize theres so much junk inside hahaha
keke anyway reached home about 1 ++ i guess
Baby came over cos she also finished prac...
so spent sum time with her =)
she took a bus back at 2.30 ++
and since i was super tired
i decided to sleep =) hahaha
i woke up about 4..
and went to Pyramid to find Rachel
so we walked walked abit
and she decided to come church with me =)
Today at Church we had a really great speaker...
Pastor Pat Mesiti
i mean...he is a millionaire...
and he loves God...
really awesome message he spoke =)
after Church we went for CG
and to my surprise...
Rachel wasn't the ony new comer
there were another 4 people
1 from penang (sorry i forgot ur name)
and theres 3 from Sungai Petani
Aaron, Timothy, Shaun
well so we had a great time =)
me and Rachel
we went to bidara to continue our fellowship after CG
but then..Bidara is so full as
so we ate at the shop beside Bidara

Jen May and Nicholas

Serene and Petula

Timothy, Shaun, Aaron

Nicholas, Shawn, Serene

Felix, Siao Wei, Jen May

Petula and Me

Me and Rachel

after makan...we went our separate ways back

so since i had the camera...sitting in i became a shutterbug again

Serene =)

the two piggies =)

Interior =)
Guess who? doesnt he look jus like me in the dark? lol
its Felix =)
anyways so reached back
and now i can finally rest =)