Good Friday

Good Friday
the day that Jesus died for our sins
well so it supposed to be a sad day rite?
only Easter would be a happier day =) hehe
anyway so today i went to pyramid with mum for some shopping
and this is my latest toy and obsession
Ed Vinn influenced me =S
must boost my iq hehe

my rubic cube
anyways so as we were shopping
i decided to get a watch as i've nvr had a watch in a long time
so we went to city chain to take a look
there was a few that i felt wuz nice
ranging from Seiko...Titus..and Ellesse...
well Cyma is too expensive for me so i hav to just make do with the middle range
so after trying and so on...
i decided to buy the Titus...
which costed me RM850
ARGH!!...but good thing its the sales so it had some good discounts with it

the outer box
the inner box

the watch hehe

John i know you love it =)



my new darling! =)

anyways so its a totally black watch

black metal strap...and i'm happy with it hehe =)

so Good Friday is Good as i got a new Good watch

-okay i'm being so lame-

hahahaha alrite...gonna fiddle with my rubic cube now =)