Colbie Caillat =)

14th MARCH 2008
today started with me waking up EARLY
lolxz...and took a bus to 1 utama
meeting up with Kooi Chin and Rachel
well as usual...malaysian timing..they were 30 minutes late...
so in the mean time i went to Alex's shop
and i spent my time there by reading Seventeen magazine =.=
lol as they came...we went to eat lunch with Alex at err...i forgot what shop was that haha
after lunch Alex went back to work...
and i teman-ed this 2 for shopping
Kooi Chin was rather disappointed as firstly...
her hat she wanted to buy at forever 21 is no longer there
her top she wanted to buy at Roxy wasn't there also..
heels...was in a different colour as she wanted the colour Red at Vincci
in the end she jus bought a brown top at Top Shop
haha rather disappointing rite?
anyways after her shopping we went to watch 10000 BC
well i think that the movie was not as i expected...
so it wasn't that good la
after the movie...we went to Sushi Groove
Rachel wanted it so badly we went la =)

Kooi Chin
Me and Rachel
i LOVE the mirrors there =)
Me and Kooi Chinhrmz...
well anyway it was about 6 pm after Sushi groove
and i had to meet up with Ed Vinn at The Curve
we're going to see Colbie Caillat =) hehe
well so i took a taxi to curve..
*i know its walking distance...but i dont wanna sweat in my Padini's =)*
well so i reached there and met up with Ed Vinn
and to my surprise...Colbie was already there
and was rehearsing and doing soundchecks =)

The Stage

Colbie =)

Sound Checking
*i forgot the band members names =X*
well anyway the tix allowed us to go into the hot zone...
but we were to lazy to stand
so we decided to book a table at the cafe near the stage =)
so anyways we came back at 7.30+
and it started to rain at 8+ =.="
had to shift maa fan..
then around 8.30 ++ Airin, Jessica, Di Chang, and their friends joined us
and as the rain stopped...we shifted back outside =)
Airin and Di Chang
candid =.=
well u know they spiked my ice lemon tea by adding vodka to it =.=
what the heck
anyways i got too hungry...i ate a whole regular pizza excluding one piece

Jay Lyn and Jess

lol theres a guy stalker =S haha
Colbie =)
*Magic*Me and Jessica
Nutty =S

and guess what?
i got her autograph!! =) hehe
-colbie's signature *wahaha*-
after that we went to IKANO power centre
cos they wanted to eat
Sexy...guess who? xD
and we decided to take a group photo =)
i shouldn't have bent my knees=S...this looks like i'm retartded

well the girls went back earlier than me and Vinn
so we chilled till about 12.30
cos Vinn's sis still in cinema =)
so i reached back...ah u know la...1 + =)
well its a Good Day..
and i have HER AUTOGRAPH =)