Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The perfect match contest =)

lol i know i feel lame

but do vote for the stupid contest=)

its organized by ribena

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then enter this emails

and then vote for this 2 pictures aite? =)me and baby <3

me and Sandra my cocaptain =)

lolxz =)

tyty xD


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tagged by tek yit =S

1. Who is your all time inspiration?
i'm not veri sure...i know Pastor Kong Hee is one =)
2. Have you had a crush on me?
nopez =)
3. If you were to be stranted on a deserted island,who are the 3 blogging buddies you would take with you?Why? we can deprive ourselves from chocolate....Ernest...we can use coconuts to become foosballs...Goon Ee...she can cook for us =)
4. Where is the place you wanna go to the most?
Paradise =/
5. If you have only one wish to come true,what would it be?
to be rich and wealthy =)
6. Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain?
err depends
7. What are you afraid to lose now the most?
Cecilia Soo
8. If you win 1$,what would you do?
frame it up lol
9. If you meet someone you love,would you confess it to him or her?
maybe depends hahaha =)
10. List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you.
Crazy, Sexy, a great camwhorer =) hehe
11. What are the requirements that you wish for your other half?
Understanding, Caring, loyal, has good character...
12. Which type of person do you hate the most?
not sure haha
13. Highlight of the week.
Charm Cheerleading Competition =S
14. If you have faults,would you rather the people around you point it out to you or you rather they keep quiet?
let them shout and point it out la
15. What do you think is the most important thing in your life?
16. Are you a shopaholic?
if i have cash then yes =)
17. What's on your mind right now?
Lyana'z operation
18. If you have a chance,which part of your character would you like to change?
my sleeping habbits
19. What's the last shocking thing that you see or heard?
Lyana has intestine infection
20. What's bothering you lately?
my twisted leg that hasn't healed after a month!

Me tag: Ziyin, Rachel, Khit Yeng, Kooi Chin

Monday, March 24, 2008

Charm Cheerleading Championship

23rd MARCH 2008

the day we've been waiting for..
lolxz =)
anyway today i woke up quite early about 7+ as i had to reach cineleisure at 8am
setting up is tough work when ur organizing a competition
today is Charm Cheerleading Championship ( C3 )
its not like Cheer 2008 as it doesn't require a full cheer routine
it is seperated into 2 parts
which is the dance category and stunts category
its mainly to emphasize techniques used
so i reached there about 8...
and started to get the things ready
so my job today was to help Shana out =S supposingly la
with registration and sales

my boss...Shana-mae tock ai ping! =)
and this is my underling afiqah xD
well so the registration started
many teams pouring in
and many freebies to give to them...
ribena drinks..adidas pouches...seventeen magazines...cineleisure food products...and much more...
so as registration was over...its time for us start the sales and stuff
Beverly told us to "mend the booths"...
me and jon were like...we should MAN the booth
so we stood there like batangs to "MAN the booth" hahahaha

my tag =S

display area
Zi Wern, me, neesa
well after a while of "MAN-ing the booth"
i got bored and started to walk here and there =)
then i met up with Cynthia
well i have no idea why she ain't cheering
but who cares xD
its great to see her again

Me, Cynthia, Siew Wai

after talking a while...i went on walking..

and soon ended up with Jun Kang behind the back drop
and he was happily playing with the whorer =X

Jun Kang...

botakness is cool rite? xD

well i met up with my other friend elaine..

she was helping kelvin out by taking photographs...

and so we took our photographs hahaha

hehe she is so short and sweet xD

it was probably around 9.45

and we needed to fetch the Thailand Team from their residential area

and ony few of us were free...which were me, Kelvin, and Regina

3 fit 18 people...

well we managed somehow hahaha....

i was driving the Tiara today...and fit 5 guys in =S...not including me

2 of them squashed in the front seat

well the weight was really terrible hahaha what can u expect a small car to do?

anyway as we reached back

we see teams practising and so on la...

as time passed by...probably around 11 or 12...

some of us had to go get our lunch provided from upstairs

65 packs of fried rice and mee hoon and plenty of drinks...

shifted up and down the lifts hahaha =)

well the lift walls were here we go again =)

Jon the Jengster
cam whorer =)
well its my life =P
after shifting the food and drinks downstairs...
met up with many friends that are taking part or jus came to watch...
the 1st was Vivian

Vivian from Sellors =)

posers =S

Jo Ling
his balls should hurt =S
Jo Ling again =)
Junkang, Diana, Jo Ling, Me
caught in the act!

Carolyn from DJ
Shu Yen
Chi Kei

this is the best of em all...hahaha...
this is.....

Baezil....his name unique leh?
but i always have the tendency to call him brazil =S

and here's kooi chin...

this 2 are always seen everywhere together...

how sweet XD

say Cheese =)
well the competition started at about 2.30...
but me being myself,...jus walked around and kacau more people hahaha


Shang Leit



Regina... ( i think she is single...guys over 23 go get her! xD )
anyways the competition was over about 5 something
and then there was a guest appearance by dennis yin
*so you think you can dance* runner up for the 1st season
well he was from Charm last time
so he performed a dance for us
sry i'm too damn lazy to upload haha
then there was a performance by Charm Juniors for Heroes Season 2
on star world
so as usual...the normal routine for Charm =)
then the performance by the Charm Seniors
well this is great as to see how far we've come
and there was another Team called Rainbow from Thailand
they also performed to show their skills
well after the performances..
prizes were given away..
i can't remember all the winners
but the 1st place for dance division is Extreme All-Stars
and for stunts is Ultimate All-Stars
so after prize Giving as usual...
taking photo time...and this shutterbug goes on =)

and this is my the "save the cheerleader outfit"

=S i'm so not jealous hahaha...

neesa, Cecilia, Zi Wern

Neesa, Priscilla, Baby

-save the cheerleader outfit from heroes-
mother and daughter xD
do re mi~
candice and priscilla shoulderstanding =S
Cactus! he was covering for MYC magazine
Shermunds Cupie
Thailand Guy's single base extention liberty cupie...
lol liyen lost balance

wei hoong's single base elevator
my personal flyer Nicole
and up she goes!
my single base extention=)
Thailand Guy=)
Boon Mun
Rachel THYE =)
Sarah Lian
too desperate hahaha
and my co captain Sandra =)
sweet hehe
Dennis and girlfriend =)
Elaine from Sellors
u cant beat my flexibility =)
i'm not human rite?
and this is the 2 couples together xD
dunno wat kinda effect is this la

anyways it ended about 6++...
but we stayed on till 9
after that sent Jeremy home
and next was baby
well i had to switch cars half way as i wuz driving a manual car
and my left leg started to hurt again...
so i changed with my moms car to make it easier
sent her home and here i am now
well today wuz a fun filled and awesome day
and i'm gonna pengsan of tiredness
till the next post