Valentines Day

14 FEBRUARY 2008
1stly..i want to apologize to Simone
i'm really sorry that i had to cancel plans all in a sudden
as something had came up
i'm sry babe...will make it up to you soon k?
anyways Valentines Day...
its a day of love
where couples get together and do the normal prosedure of Valentines Day
bringing themselves out for a romantic evening or night...
well whats Valentines day all about?
is it about....
more chocolates?
well for me...this are jus simple yet small gifts...
for me...Valentines day is jus a day that i can spend time with the Girl i love
actually today nothing supposed to happen as we planned not to celebrate it
as i didn't have the car...
and transportation would be a problem for her
it was really saddening as i couldn't spend time with her

but yet!...a miracle happened
as my mom said she wont be using the car down to Seremban
and i could use it for the night
so my initial plans for the nite which was jus go to Sean's place
to celebrate CNY / Valentines
wus jus slashed off my mind
i quickly called her up
to reconfirm her availability for the evening
and yes! the answer was yes...
so quickly i got dressed...
made last minute shopping as i didn't buy a rose for Valentines
and i didn't have enough money at the moment for a bouquet
and my bank card was not with me...
so i jus had to be simple and stuck with just a rose
well its the thought that counts right?
so anyway i went to Klang
to fetch her up
brought her to my place and we spent our time together as it was still early
we went to Sean's place after that coz i still told sean i would come
so we went there for a while
but yet the time passed so fast as Cecilia's sis called her up and said she should come back soon
so well there goes the time together for Valentines
Sent her back...
had a goodbye kiss
and i went back to Sean's place for a few more chats
well it ended quite early as it was a weekday
the main thing is...i was able to spend Valentines with the Girl i love
its really my 1st valentines actually with a Girlfriend
so it really made me happy this day
till the next post


Albert said…
ur first valentines with an actual girlfriend??
who would've guessed.
thought u'd be a veteran by now.