a tribute to Adeline and Yean Ling

this is a song i composed for u gurls =)
well i had a sore throat that day
so dont mind my voice kay?
miss u gurls =)
*hugz and kisses*
it seems like yesterday
i first saw your face
and then, i found out your name
and now, with all we've been through
it ends in separate ways
Pre Chorus
as you fly away
in that plane
there's only one thing you should know
wherever you go
i'll be your friend
wherever you go
i will remember your name
as time passes by
we'll meet up again
some day, some way


aww...this is soooo touching...
I mean it's so sweet to have a friend writing a song specially for ya right?
u were sick when u recorded this?
Samuel C said…
having sore throat =X
well i'm a composer but i'm just a lazy one...so i seldom compose adi
Anonymous said…
should compose more dear (: