well today i'm still having the effects of yesterday
i had a car accident yesterday
my avanza banged a bmw...
really wuz shocking
as i dont know why when i wuz turning
the steering wheel locked itself and i couldn't turn fully
and ended up banging into another car
my bumber and right side of the car is trashed
and my right wheel is pushed back till it couldn't be driven anymore
the bmw also wuz damaged till it couldn't move
the shaft had been broken
so it kinda ended up in the 2 cars being towed to the police station and workshops
my dad sent me back as he went to settle the other things
thank God i'm not hurt at all...
jus traumatised
but this year i'm not going back hometown adi for chinese new year
coz the car will be in the workshop for God knows how long
had a sleepless night yesterday as this is my 1st accident
and still really down right now...
but i wanna thank my baby for comforting me till now
i love you
i also wanna thank Simone as she did help me also


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didn't want to take pics =(