Reunion Dinner

the day started with me waking up and going to 1 utama
had to go there as my mom needs to sign sum insurance thingi for the car
so i jus went to walk walk
after walking for so long...
saw so many nice clothes
but with my pockets i couldn't buy anything lo
had about an hour left before mom finished her things
so i visited Alex over there
she's working at some collecter items store there
and i was strugglin on transforming Bumblebee over there
omg if small one i hav so much trouble..
imagine the big ones...haha
anyway left her shop about 2.30...
and got some acrobatics performances
so stayed there and watched la
i look at them..and i think i'm so karated in my tumbles adi >.<
anyway so went back and waited for the nite to come
at 6.30 +
drove of to my grandma'z place at section 17 Petaling Jaya
so ppl who were present were
Grandma, Aunty Geik Hoon, My family, Uncle Tee Beng's family, Benji
Guess who's Benji ^^
well this is Benji, uncle Tee Beng's Dog

his eyes are so small hahaha
anyway so we had our reunion dinner
the food
cousins and sisters
Sonya, me, Christy, Audrey, Elaineme and Christy
well so after the makan we talk talk abit...
then we went back
tomoro is the year of the rat