Love Potion

12 FEBRUARY 2008
well the day started with me waking up at 2.30...
well thats a new one lolxz
i was quite tired from the day before
so slept kinda long hahaha
anyways today i fong fei kei Dila T.T
i'm so sorry babe
supposed to go skating with her
but then...i woke up way too late...haihz
so i decided to go to Subang Parade to pick up a few things
the first place i went...Big Apple!! xD
i bought 12 donuts...usual la...i'm such a donut freak xD
i met Calvin and girlfriend there
so chatted as we were lining up =)
then after that i went to MPH to buy sum ingredients for my love =3
well it summed up to quite a lot...
as i wanted to make sumthin really special for her xD
todays our 100th day being together...
and also for Valentines day =)
after that i went to buy sum other things also la to be included with Valentines =)
man i tell u going back home wuz the worst part...
they didn't give me a plastic bag for the hard board i bought..
(dunno whats it called la)
bout 1m x 1m length...hahaha walking back with that piece like a penguin haha
so i went back home...get ready the ingredients

the beginning =)
well it took me about 2 hours to complete the whole thing
as there wus a lot of things to do with it
well nvm i was quite content with my work of art xD

This is the front cover..

and NO!!! u can't see whats inside =)

only for my babys eyes to see hehe

so i went on for cheer prac at 7

man today wuz kinda tiring as i had to stay back till 11.30

after prac i came home

and i watched Prince of Egypt

man i've been downloading all the old movies and cartoons

its so nice xD

well i'm off to bed now