John's b'day

2 February 2008
well i know this is a really late post...
everytime i want to post this...i end up on my bed sleeping lolxz
anyway on that day we celebrated John's b'day
hahaha John when are u getting a girl =) hehe
anyway i got there late like...3 hours..
3 HOURS OMG lolxz
coz i had cg and stuff to i'm late
sorry yah John..
anyways before i reached Chun called me and started making funny noises
well i knew what happened adi la lolxz
as i reached his place
stepped in... 1st scene i see

hahaha thats where the noises came from
well they were playin sum card game and dunno wat cards u hav to drink and stuff

well i'm stopping my drinking already..

new year resolution :) hehe

so well u know when they drink...this is what usually happens


Christopher lolxz
hahaha!! Christina :) well she wuzn't there yet lolxz
Wai Chun's already there lolxz
Agnes and Boon
Christopher Tay
Sober Land :)
i'm the only non-red one there
Okay, Sober, Wasted
Boon Han
lol =)
well after that Tim, Wen, Sean and Rach came
well they had church too :)
so i guess i wasn't the latest hahaha =)
as usual..we rush for the food lolxz
Tim and his Chicken Bowl
Tze Hsien
and as usual...Room Raiding always happen during B'days
lol his underwear actually came a bra for Boon
and another view =) lolxz
well as the party goes whores go do their thing as well ;)
Christopher, Christina, me
Me and Sean
Me and Wen
Me and Agnes
Me and Christopher
Me and Christina
Rachel and me
well John wanted to had a water fight...
so they had it lolxz...
but i'm sick ;)
its a good reason though hahaha
so i stayed inside with sum peeps coz we didn't wanna get wet =)
Team one?
Grab and Squeeze
he wet his pants lolxz
under my umbrella~~
well they came in after that...and were like dripping in the house lolxz
the dry and wet
well he got attacked by he got wet hahaha
Tim couldn't escape John's wrath too
after everyone wuz dry...
time to cut cake :) hehehe
xD its a cheesecake lolx
the Boyfriends xD
and Girlfriends lolxz
one breath hahaha
cut cut =)
then after that he opened his presents
lolx this is a shocker wei
wat Josei gave:
well after that wuz jus chilling ;)most of the time la lolxz
he was tired xD
Winter is and yellow eyes
the 2 sexys hahahaha
well thats about it la
and i can proudly say that i'm stopping my drinking =)


Albert said…
i miss u guys.
damn it, chocolate cake man.
Samuel C said…
its a cheese cake =.= lolxz