in pursuit of Ernest happyness lolx


11 FEBRUARY 2008


todays day started out with me waking up at 12.30 hahaha

and i was thinking what i should do today

lucky enuf...i called up Teng

and she said she's going wif Ernest to 1 utama for shopping

so i jus tagged along with them

watado we're just so nutty =)

so we reached 1 utama..

me and Phaik Teng were like fighting



in the end Ernest went up...

and we waited like 20 minutes to find a parking!!

blame it on PT!! xDxD

anyways so we went down and visited Alex..

well she's always working

so jus visit her lo =)

and Ernest got a bit sick

so he went to puke hahahaha...

stupid fella go eat indon mee at Asia lolxz
anyways so we went looking for the thing he wanted to buy

a Guess purse for his girl...

my gosh its like so hard to find as its kinda limited in stock

so we all jus chilled as we couldn't find it in 1 utama

and i went to Alex again and play with the toys =)

Sammy Skywalker xD

man this lightsaber cost like RM500

i so wanna get one lolxz =)

anyways after that we went to the curve in search of the purse

but no luck there also =)

so in the end...we went to pyramid...

the Guess shops didn't have it either

and then i remembered...PARKSON sells Guess

so we gave it a shot

and of all had the last piece there =)

ernest wuz so bloody happy

but he wouldn't hug or kiss me to show me his love hahahaha =P

anyways after that we had our dinner at Asia again

since PT's sis ain't home so she can't go back

had our dinner and here we are back at home

moral of the day:

Ernest has such determination hahahaha



Ur friend is such a loving boyfriend...if only someone is so willing to do such a thing for me...haha...
Samuel C said…
he is jus obsessed =)