Chinese New Year =)

well every chinese new year means there is a lot of food =)
so this year i dont know why we didn't eat vegetarian
instead we went to sum restaurant
and had dim sum
the bill costed like RM629
omg its so exp
like wanna die adi =.=
anyway after that went to Grandma'z place
and of course...take pictures

Christy, Elaine, Me, Audrey, Sonyaand again =)
my sisters

anyway after grandma'z place my fam went to pyramid
went to watch kung fu dunk
i tell u its a ridiculus story..
but it still gave me laughs...
and is much better than 'meet the spartans'
that wan was totally lame
so well cny means shopping
so i went to check out some clothes
Padini wus havin sum good sales so i didn't mind to try =)
this is my John Masters suit

underneath my clothes lolxz

*wai chun please dont drool*

and this is my new Padini shirt =)

ngek ngek ngek

its all black

well i dont understand why they say black is associated with bad luck

black is cool =)

so anyways came back and i got bored

so i took pictures of my darlins =)

Regent, Ibanez SA-120, Yamaha F-310
my main violin
and my other violins
my drumsticks =)
i love my Zildjian's and my metal sticks =)
whee i'm getting so bored dis days xD