Bye Yean Ling T.T


23 FEBRUARY 2008

today cos of my leg...

i can't do so many things

1stly...i can't work..

2ndly...i can't go for the cheer workshop...

3rdly...i can't go church

4thly...i can't go cell group

5thly and most important...i can't drive to the airport to see Yean Ling off

well nows the time already

that Yean Ling is leaving for Australia



how can u leave us behind!! T.T...

left four of us...

and by 27 Feb will be 3 of us..

aihz everyone is leaving for studies...

anyway i'm really gonna miss you babe

Yean Ling

us together...

well the worst part is i couldn't see u one last time..

this is really sad...

anyways i wanna wish u all the best at Australia..

and forget me not!!

take carez of urself kay dear?

*hugs and kisses*