Wednesday, February 27, 2008

a tribute to Adeline and Yean Ling

this is a song i composed for u gurls =)
well i had a sore throat that day
so dont mind my voice kay?
miss u gurls =)
*hugz and kisses*
it seems like yesterday
i first saw your face
and then, i found out your name
and now, with all we've been through
it ends in separate ways
Pre Chorus
as you fly away
in that plane
there's only one thing you should know
wherever you go
i'll be your friend
wherever you go
i will remember your name
as time passes by
we'll meet up again
some day, some way

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Adeline's farewell and Shopping


26 FEBRUARY 2008

today the day started off as I supposed to meet up with Adeline and Sherry at Parade

supposed to be there at 10..

but all 3 of us woke up so late...we reached there about 11 hahaa...

anyway so we went there...and omg...swensons ony opens at 11.30 =.=

so I first went with Adeline to buy sum stuff at Parkson

felt really awkward going back to the place i work xD

anyways so at 11.30..we met up with Sherry and went to Swensons

as usual..Tuesdays are Earthquake days =)

this would be like the last time we're seeing Adeline..

She is another one going off to Australia T.T

well she's going tomoro and i can't be at the airport..

so saddening T.T

anyways so we ordered an Earthquake

Yumz =)

Earthquake comes to me =)

and then to sherry xD

T.T all gone

after eating well...we had like our last talk together...

and also our last cam whoring together xD

till she comes back

*Yean Ling i didn't forget u k? u also must come back :)*

anyways so we talked and had fun hehe =)

my face is squished xD

Sherry, Adeline, Sam

failed lala posers

BANG! =.= okay that was so lame
just a wallet lah =.= perverted freaks!!
me and Sherry
Pei Min!!
Me and Adeline


u must be able to tie a knot on the cherry stem using your mouth=)

Sherry and Adeline

okay this photos is because we are stalkers haha =)

i'm so gonna miss u Adeline T.T

now its going to be down to a trio only T.T

left me, Sherry and Tieng Wei


u take carez of urself k dear? =)

all da best!! hehe

so anyways...after swensons...Adeline had to go 1 utama to meet up wif friends

so it was left Pei Min and Me

Min wanted to get some stuff...

so we walked around Subang Parade to find a white top, jacket and "not so high heels"


but then there weren't any that were nice

so we went of to Pyramid xD

well we walked walked walked but yet we couldn't find any...

after about 2 hours i think...

we went to a chinese herbal shop near Jusco there

i didn't even drink any of those drinks before

so it was kinda a scare xD
she ordered some jelly thingi...

i donno wats it called la

but then i still can't get the taste of it haha

well i donno wat kinda jelly is that xD

anyways after the jelly thingi

we walked walked again

but still couldn't find any...

in the end we stopped by at J & Co cos the que was veri short
we bought 2 dozen donuts nyahahaha =) actually its the only thing we bought today =.=

yumz =)
whee =)

we had our "lunch" at about 4 pm

went to waffle world

ordered a Banana something nut waffle la...

then it so suited me cos i'm a BANANA and i'm nutty

so she kinda teased me the whole time

well i'm used to it adi la haha

Waffle worldSherry
Banana Nut
Cherry =)

after that we walked a while more...and aih she didn't buy anything


so its mainly jus eating on this trip xD

we took a taxi back

and u know whats the best part?

we took the wrong donuts=.=

i took hers and she took mine hahahaha

so drove over to her house to collect mine and return hers haha

ah....thats the only thing that had happened la...

till the next post


Saturday, February 23, 2008

Bye Yean Ling T.T


23 FEBRUARY 2008

today cos of my leg...

i can't do so many things

1stly...i can't work..

2ndly...i can't go for the cheer workshop...

3rdly...i can't go church

4thly...i can't go cell group

5thly and most important...i can't drive to the airport to see Yean Ling off

well nows the time already

that Yean Ling is leaving for Australia



how can u leave us behind!! T.T...

left four of us...

and by 27 Feb will be 3 of us..

aihz everyone is leaving for studies...

anyway i'm really gonna miss you babe

Yean Ling

us together...

well the worst part is i couldn't see u one last time..

this is really sad...

anyways i wanna wish u all the best at Australia..

and forget me not!!

take carez of urself kay dear?

*hugs and kisses*


day 2 of suffering

well today its kinda i rested like the whole day
17 hours of sleep since yesterday
cos i couldn't really walk or anything...
so i jus stayed in my room...
did everything in my room....
go downstairs also abit ony jus to get food and water haha
anyways i went to University Hospital at night...
cos mom scared i had a hairline crack or a fracture
so..u know la...i dont like going hospitals...
especially if warded lagi teruk..
so went there..
of course UH is veri slow..
when i went there at form 1 also wuz damn slow..
waited 2 hours for my turn...
but Doctor said it wasn't serious..
just a bad ligament sprain
so anyway its good also as i wont get warded
he gave me a new bandage! yay..saving my money now haha
and also sum medication lo...
came back about 11
and then...Wai Chun and Boon Han gave me a surprise visit
hahaha so sweet of u guys..
(like u know i had a twisted ankle)
haha i'll ignore that...anyway u guys came lolxz
anyway they crashed here until about 1...
then i went off to youtube to jus enjoy my self...
man i found dis few vids...its damn funny

lol check out their other vids also...
damn funny hahaha...
okay okay...
thats all la...gonna tidur...xD

Thursday, February 21, 2008

my leg T.T

well today has been a bad day
i twisted my ankle real bad
till its so hard to walk
even walking out of my room really hurts
happened when i jus started playing bball
well i rushed for the ball..
and i didn't see the floor had wax on it
lost grip and i twisted my ankle
and i could even hear the big Crack sound
lucky i didn't dislocate it
but it still hurts like crazy
haihz..have to skip work a few days i guess...
and also dont think this weekend i can go for the cheer workshop adi...
this really sux
*an emo-ed person*

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

i'm bored

well i went to school last sat for a cheer audition

must teach and also judge...

sienz la...
so when the judging started...
i got more bored by every person that came out...
from not sharpness to cacated motions...
so to get over my borednezz...
i went through Nicole's bag hehe...
well she lets me as she sayang me alot hehe...
so 1st thing i saw...
Victoria's Secret Fragrance
was it pure seduction or total seduction?
ah can't remember...who cares...its seductive haha
then i went through some more...
and i found her tube xD
so u should know what i did hahaha
who says guys dont wear tubes? hahaha

ngek ngek ngek =P

haha i proved u all wrong that guys dont wear tubes! lol

anyway after it ended we all went to Mcd'z

well we're kinda dissapointed...

so maybe theres no cheer team this year for SMK ss 17 hahaha

i donno wat to write adi hahaha


Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentines Day

14 FEBRUARY 2008
1stly..i want to apologize to Simone
i'm really sorry that i had to cancel plans all in a sudden
as something had came up
i'm sry babe...will make it up to you soon k?
anyways Valentines Day...
its a day of love
where couples get together and do the normal prosedure of Valentines Day
bringing themselves out for a romantic evening or night...
well whats Valentines day all about?
is it about....
more chocolates?
well for me...this are jus simple yet small gifts...
for me...Valentines day is jus a day that i can spend time with the Girl i love
actually today nothing supposed to happen as we planned not to celebrate it
as i didn't have the car...
and transportation would be a problem for her
it was really saddening as i couldn't spend time with her

but yet!...a miracle happened
as my mom said she wont be using the car down to Seremban
and i could use it for the night
so my initial plans for the nite which was jus go to Sean's place
to celebrate CNY / Valentines
wus jus slashed off my mind
i quickly called her up
to reconfirm her availability for the evening
and yes! the answer was yes...
so quickly i got dressed...
made last minute shopping as i didn't buy a rose for Valentines
and i didn't have enough money at the moment for a bouquet
and my bank card was not with me...
so i jus had to be simple and stuck with just a rose
well its the thought that counts right?
so anyway i went to Klang
to fetch her up
brought her to my place and we spent our time together as it was still early
we went to Sean's place after that coz i still told sean i would come
so we went there for a while
but yet the time passed so fast as Cecilia's sis called her up and said she should come back soon
so well there goes the time together for Valentines
Sent her back...
had a goodbye kiss
and i went back to Sean's place for a few more chats
well it ended quite early as it was a weekday
the main thing is...i was able to spend Valentines with the Girl i love
its really my 1st valentines actually with a Girlfriend
so it really made me happy this day
till the next post