Walk Walk at Asia

Tuesday 22 January

Todays my off Day!! woohoo!! hehe

finally i could sleep in!!

workin hours sux hav to wake up 8 ++

so off days are meant for sleeping!! hahahaha

slept till about 10.45...

woke up...

and oh SHIAT i supposed to go for lunch with Kooi Chin

quickly got dressed...rushed to Asia Cafe

xDxD (she is so gonna kill me) hahaha

anyway so i met up with her and the rest...

and it wuz so stuffy there coz so many students haha

anyway i got my favourite YEE MEE lolxz

Anyway her break is only for an hour
so we jus had lunch and she still had to go off for english class
Kooi Chin
Dont understand where u looking at =.=

anyways since she went back...so i go walk walk lo...
then i saw Pik Kaye, Jake, Wei Nian...and Yin Wey...
man i seriously wuz blur and i could not recognize Yin Wey...haha
she wanted to kill me adi =X
chatted a while then they all also had to go back for class

and met up with Shu Yen and her Classmates...
ony hanged out a while as she had an exam and needed to study
HAHA but still i cam whored =.=
Our Shades=.= lame
omg i look so...=.= lolxz

ngam ngam Tek Yit and Alex were sitting in front of us
so i went to join them as Shu Yen had to study
so as usual
Tek Yit is known as a cam whorer...
so well here we go again hahaha
Tek Yit and me

Since all hav classes ..
i couldn't be bothered so i went up to play some foosball
and ended up being there for hours...haha
coz i keep on winning challenger table
so i didn't need to pay a cent for my games haha
let the challengers pay nyahahaa...
play till sienz adi...
and then went back lo..xD

then watched a gay video..again lolxz

stupid video hahaha