Tieng Wei'z Heaven xD

29 Jan 2008
i'm feeling much better compared to yesterday
yesterday i wuz down with a fever, headache, flu and cough
well thank God that fever and headache are gone
so now i'm still in the process of healing =) hehe

well anyway today...
Me, Adeline, Pei Min and Yean Ling planned to go to Tieng Wei'z house
Tieng Wei'z my old neighbour...but she had shifted adi to Mines Resort there
so the day started with Addie pickin me up about 12 ++ 1...
=.= we even had trouble on pickin where to eat =.=
in the end we went to Swensons Subang Parade
i had a hot cuppa chino as i couldn't take cold stuff
and the rest ordered Earth Quake!! argh!
so tempting =X
but watado...i must resist in order to get well xD
Earth Quakecandid Me and Pei Min

anyways after Swensons, Addie had to get some stuff near her college...
IDP if i'm not mistaken...well she'z going off to Australia soon
15 February..*sobz* gonna mish u...
so they 3 went to IDP as i sat in the car as its double parking lolxz
and i wuz so touched when Pei Min came back to teman me =)
anyway so we did what we were best at..
alright i've got another name for my self adi...its called...
Serene named me it xD
anyway so we started taking pics in the car while waiting
okay i'm nuts
and again~~

lolxz alright...
anyway so they came back in the car and we started to go off to Tieng Wei'z house
we reached there about 3.30 ++
and they asked me to guess which one is her house
as usual..i'll be lookin for her cars...
but i couldn't find any...
omg...her house wuz like SO BIG...i could hav vomited blood there
so Addie drove and parked at the basement...
and the 2nd thing i could see is...
she had a LIFT!!...
omg i'm so rusa masuk kampung today lolxz
her house is 3 storeys + 1 basement
so we went up to her room at the 2nd floor
her room wuz as big as my living room..
omg man lolxz
Me and my darlin ex-neighbour
her room
her closet...this is half of it =.=
her bathroom

anyway so we went out of her room to let me explore this new place lolxz

as we step out of the room..

well we took the lift again...to the 3rd floor

and it wuz like MY HEAVEN!!!

there were mirrors everywhere omg omg

a camwhorers dream..

*Wei Wen hint hint*


and again
and again again
Tieng Wei~~
the chandelier from the top

the view from 3rd floor
the sittin room
ONE of the balconys

okay anyways so after camwhoring
took the lift downstairs to the 1st floor
lolx her lift xD
anyway we walked passed...i tot we're jus gonna go the sitting room
then...i found out theres a cinema room~~
omg lolxz

Cinema room

the sitting area
lolxz...i dont know what expression is this
lying on the carpet
Addie, Pei Min, Yean Ling, Me, Tieng Wei lolx nutty again

i'm sitting so gay ly lolxz
Addie and Pei Min
Pei Min and Tieng Wei
Addie and Yean Ling
total shutterbugs
i'm still ur neighbour at heart <3

Sherry~~ lolxz why am i calling u Pei Min this time
so tak biasa...callin u back Sherry xD
Sherry and Me
the only guy =.=

okay anyway so after crashin there for some time
went out...and decided to take a pic from hall upwards xD
isn't it huge? xD

okok so we walked on...and went to the music room xD

the scenary out of the room
cam whorers again
to the left
and to the right
Tieng Wei

Adeline's <3
i donno wats dis actually
my tongue is long!! hahaha =.=
Tieng Wei
she wuz TIP TOE-ING lolxz

we went out after the music room...
and eventually managed to scare Yean Ling as she walked out the toilet

at the stairs

so we went up again to Tieng Wei'z room
with the stairs this time lolxz
and had round 2 of cam whoring there lolxz
her Toilet lolxz
SherryMintmirror at her wardrobe
another mirror there
and the poser
the door separates us haha...

Sherry and me..
i really find this pic sweet
Me, Sherry and Yean Ling
*tryin to be innocent*
wardrobe again

Tieng Wei and me

anyway after that we all crashed on her bed and chairs again
now i started transferring my photos so the rest could hv it
open up my lap top...
and this is what happens
and it comes 3 ppl
and the whole group
and again... lolxz

so i continued with the uploading and everything again
while this 2 went on as usual
Yean Ling znd Adeline
and this one fell asleep lolxz
well she woke up eventually as i took that pic lolxz

well later on Adeline, Yean Ling and Tieng Wei went to send some stuff to the car
so its left me and Sherry
as usual
lol i'm lookin retarded

and again
=Pand another sweet one xD

well it wuz about 7 or 8 adi that time
so none of us had our dinner yet...
so Tieng Wei drove us out to c on what we should eat xD
drove drove drove
then we came back to Mines Shopping Complex lolxz
as usual gals with their shopping...look here look there...
lolxz i'm so biasa with this adi lolxz
anyway after their lookin around
went to eat at Subway =)
my 1 foot long!! xD

okok so after subway went back to Tieng Wei'z house
coz Adeline would drive us back
in Tieng Wei'z car

so as we reached...we picked up our stuff and headed to Adeline's car
I'm so happy...BECAUSE....
I got the 1st GOOD BYE HUG!!!
hahaha!! she sayang me more than you!!!
so we took our last group photo...and huddle like a football team lolxz
and Adeline Drove us home =) ...
that wuz my trip to Tieng Wei'z new house =)



Albert said…
what the hell man. she is too rich to have been in SMKss17.
Samuel C said…
hahaha well she wuz from su before that...so not much difference =)
yet i wanna go her heaven again xD
love it there =)
Timo said…
oh man..haha
heaven x2 for u lar i think.

1. big house
2. surrounded by girls only..all girls but u!..

are u sure u are SAMuel and not SAMantha? hehe
Samuel C said…
hahahahaha xD
i'm SAMUEL lolxz
hahaha u should c the house by urself
its really like can play hide and cannot seek coz too big lolxz