I punished myself with a haircut?

well today is Friday..
i was really not in a good mood...as i didn't sleep well
been having trouble to sleep as i've been thinkin too much on the day before
hmm i have made someone upset...so it kinda bugged me and emo-ed me for some time
well i did things i shouldn't hav done...
(man this sounds so wrong) =X
so after i finish my work about 2 ++
i went out for lunch at Pin Kee Restaurant..
had my favourite Buttermilk chicken chop rice
and i hav finally thought of something
i'll punish myself by cutting my hair
that person also wanted me to cut my hair for some time already as my hair is kinda long and thick
well i really wanted to keep my hair long jus for this time..
as everyone knows...my hair is precious to me...
well then i went..
to the saloon...
cut my hair off...
it felt really sad as i wuz plannin to keep it
but i jus felt it wuz a thing i could do to make it up to that person
Long Hair no more..