A day of Church and Cell Group fellowship =D

its always a day for Church and Cell Group =D
went for service about 5 ++
and guess what?
Serene wuz wearin nearly look a likes wif me...
Oh ma gosh...lolxz...
both wore jeans, white top, and a vest...lolxz
Great minds think alike =D *winks*
so as we were at the church lobby
Shawn came along..
and we were waiting for Ken Nie and Jo Ling
its such a weird thing..
we waited for them
yet they sat somewhere else =.=
wasted our time lolxz
okay after service wuz Cell Group meeting...
so went to CHEC for it
so Felix did like a recap on what happened last year la
so this year CG must be more happening! yeah!
Serene xD
So after CG..
we went to Asia for makan
as usual...as Wai Chun's favourite saying:
Sam is lucky and can always find parking right in front of AC...
so yes of course we found a parking directly in front of AC hahahaha!!

Me and Serene =D
our fashion sense are so the same tonite lolxz

Serene and Petula
shawn wuz high on sugarcane
my cell group leader, Felix
Well we camwhored again when walkin her back=3
so after walkin her back..
Felix sent me home lo xD
so this wuz jus a normal Sat nite for me =D hehe
come visit my church and u'll be amazed XD