Cell Group and Barcelona

well today is sat...as usual...
i have church at 5.30 and cell group at 8
okay okay and today also i had to go Barcelona with friends after cell group
so i wuz out like nearly the whole day
i left the house about 4 pm coz i had to practise guitar with Shearly
1st time playing guitar since a long time
some more for cell group...hahaha...
anyway so my outfit for the day wuz :


DKNY shades, John Masters Slacks & Executive Shirt, Polo Belt, Radioactive vest and Leather Shoes

anyway so i went to church...and started practising

it wuz so hot i wuz like sweating like mad hahaha...

so anyway after practise i jus waited as service would start soon

and i found out that Jocelyn wuz visiting (she's from Perlis)

its like nearly a year i didn't see her...

so i waited with Joshua (her bro) for her, Henna and Serene

they were late lolxz...so we went in like 10 minutes late =X

anyways after service there were like ministry recruitments...

i want to join but then...no time >.<

always on the days i'm so busy

anyways we were gonna start Cell Group soon after service

then Shearly asked me to pick up a member from USJ 2

since she wuz busy with the recruitment

she told me the name is Julian...

so i assumed its a guy

and found out its a GIRL...and the name is Julaine =.=

i kena stunned lolxz

anyway so Cell Group started with ice breakers

Felix and his wild ideas..lolxz


Ice Breakers

well after Cell Group we cam whored lolxz

Guys =.=lame i can't stretch anymore =.=
Group Photo

After Cell Group i didn't go supper with em

as i supposed to go to Barcelona..

traffic wuz heavy as many kids were getting out of Lagoon

Quicksilver Revo tour...but i heard that it sucked from my friends feedback

haha lucky i didn't go

anyway so i waited for Simone and Lennard

Simone wuz wearing ...so...revealing...so i wuz kinda stunned hahaha

anyway so we went in 1st coz lazy to wait the rest...

we took our drinks 1st lo since we were thirsty

the bar..

i got bored and wore her earring lolxz =.= gay
Simone and I
anyway as the rest came in...they ordered 3 bottles...
and ended up some of em got drunk...

Ricky the drunkard

The blur look xD

okay anyway so we dance dance all nite long...

and for the 1st time i wuz dancin wif Simone on the Subwoofers hahaha...

they all push me up there =.= lolxz

after dancin for 3 hours ++ we sat down for a while

and me and Lennard looked at the bar there...

there were some Gals dancing up there lolxz

and the Bartenders were like using the pressure cylinders to make the girls hair fly..

throw water and so on la lolxz...

well there wuz this gal wuz dam obscene

she wuz like pulling down her top every few minutes..

we were like.." wait till it drops ony la lolxz "

that gal lolxz =.=
Ah Wai also got drunk...he wuz becoming like 10 second Tom in 50 first dates...
except his wuz 10 minute Wai la...
he wuz like every 10 minutes..."I'm Ah Wai...who are you?"
the toilets were bloody disgusting at 3 am +
coz there wuz vomit...and someone threw his shoe sole down there lolxz
lol the toilet
Jordan as a pissing model lolxz
Ku Hen got drunk too lolxz
Me and Simone again

we decided to go hav a drink 1st before we went back
so me and lanard went back to the car park to get our cars
then at the auto pay machine...got 1 gal...
her ticket sumthin wrong...and some more info not open adi coz its like 3 am
Lennard slotted his ticket in...he wuz like " WTF?? RM5 ??"
lolxz then after he paid the girl tried again
she also wuz like " WTF stupid machine "
lolxz...Good thing i use Touch and Go
anyway so we went to Taj Curry House for a drink...
then Wai Chun out of no where...ask me fetch him from Asia Cafe as he no transport back
so after the drink we all went back lo
fetch Wai Chun..
and went back xD
good thing he wuz not in a Gay mood
after that...blogging and tidurz~~