Barcelona =D

after work yesterday i went to ac to meet up wif Ernest and the Phaiks to eat
half way foosing...
Simone called me up if i wanted to go Barcelona
as we would be VIPS
it wuz the grand opening
and there wuz free flow of drinks =D
how could i say no? lolxz
okay okay...
so i rushed home...faster changed and everything...
and on my way out my mom wuz like..
mom: where u going?
Sam: Barcelona
mom: O.o??
Sam: a club
mom: okay okay...nah i bought something for you
Sam: O.o
anyways she bought me a titanium bracelet...
matched my baju that nite some more =D
and i didn't know my mom would actually let me club if i told her hahaha

the bracelet =D

anyway so i rushed to the club...

man i was like 30 minutes late

So sorry Simone >.<

anyway so we headed to the club ;)

and u know whats the 1st thing i saw?

the BOUNCERS!! lolx

LOL!!! bouncers!!
anyway so we gave our VIP pass and went in
the club wuz kinda big...
can say okok lo :) hehe
Lightings One side of da club
the other side of the club
middle of da club
anyway on stage got some guest artist performing and so on
but i dunno who la lolxz
anyway they sang the songs all in tune
so it wuz okay wif my ears haha
Guest Artist
so we went viewing the club...
went to the bartender as we were thirsty
there were 2 bar stands...thats a dam nice part..not so long que...
but still long since its free XD
i see barrels of beer go wild haha
bartenders at work
my vodka
well so we sat down near the subwoofers...
the bass wuz dam nice
but not strong enuf to lift her skirt up like the ones in Ruums lolxz
and guess what?
their toilets are joined!! lolxz
no male/female wan...but guys got special corner for em to shoot la lolxz
if ony bathrooms in Malaysia were like that...hahah!!!
we headed on and went to c Simone's other friends
the guys...they were like so high...they were humpin each other...
so on so on la lolxz...
so we both headed on the dance floor...while waitin for da rest of em
me and her

oh lala~~
Dancing with her
okay that guy wuz high...
dance floor


well we danced like for 3 hours over there non stop...

but it wuz a blast :)

as usual...after dancing we'll go camwhoring hahaha...

i'm a PROFFESIONAL cam whorer!! lolxz


doesn't he look a bit like the white chicks guy? lolxz


anyway there wuz a lucky draw for Ipod touchs...

12 of em

but well...i'm not lucky enuf =X

then Simone got a bit high and she went up the stage to dance

lolxz she was awesome! one of the gals over there danced like a total whore..

hahaha...but in my opinion simone beat them all flat :)

well i took a vid of her dancing..but its too dam big to upload here lolxz

come my house i show u hahaha

so about 2 am...

we went out of da club..

smelt like smoke...

we went to Taj Curry House jus to yum char a while

after a day at the club..

jus havin a normal drink is good enuf hehe

then suddenly the table opposite us...suddenly got fight...

the guy threw his drink at the girl...flipped tables..and also stranggled the gal

omg man...too drunk adi meh they all? lolxz

so we all also went off la...

lazy to stay adi

sent Simone back to Bukit Jalil

i reached back about 4.30...lolxz..

and i had work at 9.30...

wootz!! hahaha

anyway i still managed to wake up=D


thats Barcelona lolxz