Events before Christmas

Christmas Service
started with a blast on 22 dec at church
The service wuz great...
as also the premier of the kefira show wuz on
Well it wuz better than expected :)
then the whole church wuz litten up wif candles and it wuz really cool

well its my 1st time i'm celebrating christmas at City Harvest and it really wuz awesome ;)then...Jun Kang got a bit agitated during the lighting of candles

Jun Kang : eh eh, is there another service?

me : yeah...there's one more at 7.45pm and sunday at 10 am...why?

Jun Kang: DAMN!...i forgot to bring my camera..

lolxz...his face wuz pretty hillarious at that time...and all the funny emotions from him came out..

after the service we went on to bidara for our dinner...met sum new fwenz.
and then went back and hit the sack...


woke up at 3 pm as wuz really tired

1st words i hear


ah...wuz really a spoiler to my beauty sleep hahaha....

so wuz kinda busy preparing for the bbq at nite...

bbq starts at 7 pm

at 7.30...

1st ppl to arrive = Jo Ling and Ken Nie

we were kinda stoned as Jo Ling wuzn't herself and Ken Nie...obviously a quiet person..

wonder how they two got together hahaha....

about 8 pm, others started to come...(malaysia timing la lolxz)

Dad & Unc Choo

Unc Choo's family

Jo Ling & Kenny

Us again
Us again again lolxz rachel and candice

shawn, audrey, jo ling

me and bubu

baby and me

w4 cell group

w4 cell group


gilbert and his 'i can fit this belt'

Shearly, Florence, Gilbert

Okay...i'm nuts

Me and Felix

Audrey's nuts now

Petula, Florence, Kay Li, Me

well it wuz a tiring nite actually ..

had to send baby back to klang...then had to clean up...

but it wuz worth it ;)

till the next post..