Christopher Tay's Pot Luck

its come to the end of the year again....
and tomoro i hav to go sunway college on an appointment =.=
i'm gonna be the so called 'vip' to get the tour on the college...
aihz life really sux sumtimes as now i dont hav high school adi...
so its kinda a new thing on all this college things
and i'm getting older hahaha...
Christopher Tay had his year end pot luck today =D
and i wuz late...jus like the last year lolxz...
there wuz turkey...chicken pies...cakes...spaghetti...lasagna..
curry chicken...fried chicken, pizza and so on la...
so as guys will stuff ourselves like nuts

Christopher's parents
Secret Recipe =D

Christophers Dad mixed sum white wine with some kinda drink la
wuz awefully good =D lolxz...
then to hype things up
wai chun brought his moms liquor collection ( oh-uh )
well hopefully his mom wont find out lolxz..
he became our bartender for the night =D
oh yeah! lolxz

Limoncino!! Awesome

Smirnoff vodka..finished the whole thing lolxz...

Marie Brizard Menthe...Love the taste =D

Vodka + Menthe...

Chris dad wuz like...listerine? lolxz

Wai Chun the bartender

After the food and drinks we crashed in his video room

some played ps2 while sum of us...

went to sleep hahah!!


The Bartender

i thought bartenders hav a high alcohol capacity...

well his asleep so there goes the drinks lolxz

Timmo Chan
Christina and Chun

Christopher Yoong (he wuz dam red)

Wei Wen with the drunk ass...

her face wuz like nutty
Christina & Chris Tay

well we played Daft Jam, NFS Carbon, on la

NFS Carbon

Tze Hsien..

me and xtina

wen's wtf look lolxz

me and wen

me, wen, jess( she wuz nutz )


haha evan went out to grab more pizza lolxz...


we went back about 1 am i guess lolxz...

wai chun wuz still sober when he got home hahaha...

well its been a great nite... end year is the time we get fat =D

dang i hav the appointment tomoro morning...

scared i can't wake up as i'm a pig lolxz...hahaha

better rest my eyes already...hahaha..

till the next post..